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Ritmia™ is a prevention tool for everyone.  It’s a personal, automatic cardiac rhythm monitoring system designed specifically for everyday life, easy to use and incredibly comfortable to wear.

With its small size (the size of a coin), ultra-light weight (<10 grams), the absence of wires, shock and water resistance, it is ideal to screen athletes, stress-prone professionals, the elderly, and anyone reasonably worried regarding her/his cardiac rhythm and condition in general.

Ritmia™’s unique patented automatic algorithms selectively record electrocardiographic traces of suspected arrhythmias and atrial fibrillation, eliminating most artifacts generated by muscles during body motion or sports.

At the end of the monitoring period, the data is then easily transferred via Bluetooth to the mobile app, which processes it and fitting it into a single .pdf document that can be easily sent by email to anyone, also your doctor if you will, showing the ECG tracings to be double-checked for the presence of real arrhythmias.

Atrial fibrillation and other slow or fast arrhythmias are silent enemies not to be overlooked. Fight it with Ritmia™.

Ritmia™ is a HeartSentinel™ product. Contact the company via if interested in buying Ritmia for your personal use.

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