Learn how companies have used the Movesense platform to build great end user solutions that are changing the game.


Runteq specializes in wearable technology for running technique monitoring. Its consumer products are targeted to recreational runners who want to explore their running technique, run faster and prevent injury. Runteq Zoi Run apps for Android and iOS are available in Google Play and App Store. Runteq’s upgraded product portfolio with a Movesense-based running sensor debuted at Consumer Electronics Show in January 2018.

Runteq’s core technology consists of cutting-edge kinematics algorithms that turn inertial sensor measurements to meaningful biomechanical parameters, and a revolutionary artificial intelligence-based coaching feedback solution that combines physiological and biomechanical data with athletes’ subjective feeling and sensations. The company is a privately-held, headquartered and founded in 2012 in Tampere, Finland. It also licenses its technology and offers software development to other companies.

Runteq is offering their expertise also to other companies as a Movesense development partner.

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