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Sarana360 is a tool for measuring mobility. The Finnish company Sarana, founded in 2022, wanted to design an accurate measurement tool that measures body angles. They created a Movesense-powered tool for improving athlete performance and for common rehabilitation use cases in physiotherapy.

A major challenge of mobility measurement in sports and physiotherapy has been cumbersome devices and inaccurate visual approximation methods. Sarana360 can be used in measurements demanding high quality and accuracy.

Sarana360 is ideal for rehabilitation and customer engagement. It also suits well for analyzing sport-specific joint angles in developing technique and skill. This allows coaches to screen their teams for potential performance issues and adjust training programs to improve individual athletes’ mobility and prevent injuries.

There are no standards when using Sarana360. Each user can have their own measurements designed case by case. While it is possible to use Sarana360 to measure every angle of the body “by the book”, you can also use it in your own way that is most useful and consistent with your individual needs.

Maybe you want to design a measurement that is the most fun for the youngsters, or most motivating for someone in rehabilitation? How about a measurement specific to a certain performance, or something that is designed for a specific sport technique?

Sarana360 provides immediate, unambiguous feedback to the person being measured. When using the app, users see themselves in real time on the screen. The angle of their movement is shown as a simple graphic overlay and a value in degrees.

The app is designed to be used together by the client and the expert to involve both in the process, for example physiotherapists and their customers. Encouragement and motivation are important in rehabilitation. With Sarana360, the customers are not just being measured, they are engaged in it themselves.

Sarana360 enables an almost unlimited amount of innovative measurements on a case-by-case basis. The key is that the sensor is small and light enough to be placed directly on the body part being measured. This also improves the accuracy of older standard methods of measuring mobility, as it removes human error caused by the clumsiness of traditional tools.

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