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Autonom Health

Autonom Health is a premium provider of Heart Rate Variability measurements with the market-leading technology to examine heart frequency through the Movesense HR+ sensor and HR-belt -system and interactive My Autonom Health-application.

The measured distances between the heart beats are displayed as a diagram: the LifeFire (Lebensfeuer) which gives information about the holistic health status and extends the variety of numerical analysis parameters with an intuitively perceptible result representation.

This Digital Health Coach provides comprehensive graphic analyses, results and recommendations of the ten vital health- and lifestyle-factors such as biological age, stress treatment or burnout resistance and a 5-minute-exact performance analysis during the measurement. Additionally, individual recommendations in order to stay healthy long-term are offered.

Autonom Health is working with athletes, corporate companies as well as individuals in order to make access to health simple and affordable.

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