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Smart Cyclo

Smart Cyclo is a game-changing cycling training platform that helps cyclists and triathletes improve their cycling position and ride faster.

Smart Cyclo is an all-in-one tech suite designed to simplify and elevate athletes’ training. By consolidating all the essential tools to monitor, analyze and improve performance, Smart Cyclo equips athletes with a comprehensive platform for their training needs. The solution consists of an online cycling training platform, a mobile app, and a smart position sensor.

By placing the position sensor on their back, cyclists can track and improve their cycling position in real-time. The mobile app can be connected to the position sensor and to other third-party sensors, such as power meters and turbo-trainers. The system is able to monitor and present all cycling metrics (power, heart rate, balance, cadence, speed etc.) together with the current body position. The app can be used both for indoor and outdoor rides. Especially for the indoor rides, Smart Cyclo provides an estimation of the speed of the cyclist based on his current position, power, and his physical characteristics.

Each user has their own account on the Smart Cyclo Platform, where they can analyze their cycling data, monitor their performance and cycling trends, and gain a deep understanding of their cycling positions. More specifically, the athletes with the Smart Cyclo suit, know exactly the cycling position they are at any time and location of the ride, the percentage of time they spent in each different position, the average and the maximum power, speed, heart rate, speed, cadence, percentage of time in positive or negative slope or even at flat road etc. The platform tracks if the position is Ideal or not Ideal either using default ranges or custom position ranges set by the users. Both athletes and coaches can create workouts using the cycling positions as targets in addition to other goals (e.g. hr and power zones).

The platform is also integrated with other fitness platforms for further analysis of the athletes’ data. Coaches can have their own account for monitoring and providing training plans and feedback to their connected athletes, based on the captured position and all other available data.

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