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SUPA is a secure biometric data platform. SUPA AI contextualizes data derived from distributed IoT devices, e.g. digital scale and nutrition app, and biometric data such as heart rate, motion and temperature from SUPA and Movesense sensors in apparel. SUPA Kits include the sensors and data, and are modularly designed enabling SUPA’s B2B customers to offer customized digital applications including smart apparel for sports, wellness, and health. SUPA enables highly personalized insights for individuals and data analytics. SUPA is building a secure vault of biometric data to democratize healthcare.

SUPA’s current limited-edition SUPA Powered Sports Bra is connected to the SUPA App featuring SUPA Run Like Flash and SUPA Daily Heart Wear, which is part of the SUPA Cardio Kit. Activate your SUPA Powers!

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