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Founded in 2017 in Barcelona, Spain, Volava is an interactive fitness platform that brings the energy and benefits of studio-style workouts to the convenience and comfort of your home. The workouts are streamed from the company’s own studio in Barcelona, and are available for users live and on demand.

Volava FitBoxing Kit extends the platform from indoor cycling to fitness boxing. The boxing system allows you enjoy your fitboxing workouts at home and to track your performance. Do your sessions whenever you want, at your own pace. For competitive participants, the system offers a leaderboard and comparison with other users.

Volava FitBoxing Kit comes with boxing gloves, inner gloves, a stand punch bag, an exercise mat, and four Movesense sensors. There’s one sensor for each wrist, one for the punching bag, and one for heart rate measurement with a chest strap. The sensors track user’s movements and exercise metrics. They connect to the Volava boxing app that shows the results of the workout. The overall system is designed to be used with mobile, tablet or even with TV sets.

In addition to the actual Boxing Kit, Volava offers a monthly service for exclusive Fit Boxing classes. This brings social connection, motivation and a feeling of real class environment to your home exercise.

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