Software for the Movesense Medical

The Movesense Medical sensor is software compatible with the normal "Movesense Active" sport sensor. However the Movesense Medical sensor only fulfills the requirements of the medical device standards if it has been paired with the certified Movesense firmware. You are free to use the normal movesense-device-library and sample firmware for development, prototyping etc. but for the actual production firmware, you need to use the certified releases.

Medical Software Repository

The Movesense Medical software is distributed from a separate repository to make sure that only official certified releases are used by our customers. The address to the repository is:

To get authorization for accessing the site, please send email to Only customers that have ordered medical sensors will get the access.

Default Firmware for Medical sensor

The default firmware can be found in the above repository in the folder samples/bin/release. The folder contains all the Movesense samples as well as the official default firmware (named "MD-Default_firmware"). There are both DFU packages for "Over the Air" -updating as well as hex files for programming the sensor on production line.