Movesense is an open development environment for motion sensing solutions. Its easy and innovative tools revolutionize measuring and sensing sports. Movesense makes better sense out of any favorite sports activities.

Movesense can track motion, analyze the data, and gain valuable insights while unlocking a whole new level of sports experience for participants and athletes. Movesense is not restricted to specific sports, Movesense can track anything that moves.

Build custom wearables or making existing gear smart and connected. Movesense toolkit can be used to develop, test and take great ideas to market faster and easier than ever.

What Movesense?

Movesense is a battery powered device that incorporates low power sensor components with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled Micro Controller Unit (MCU). Currently commercially available Movesense Sensor is based on Nordic Semiconductor's nRF52 BLE chip fitted with 9-axis motion sensor, heart rate unit, extra memory and more. Full list of technical capabilities can be found HERE.

The basic Movesense end user system comprises the following entities:

Both ends includes Movesense connectivity stack that makes them interoperate both in the device and application dimensions. While the typical use case is mobile device using services of the Movesense Devices, the symmetric Movesense communication architecture enables also Movesense devices to use services from the Mobile device.

All the Movesense devices implement the Movesense API. This REST -like api is defined, managed and released by the Movesense organization. Key idea behind the API is to make it easy and fast for anyone to customise the device by means of one's own applications. There applications are developed using the Movesense Device SDK and updated to the physical devices over-the-air via mobile apps.

Why Movesense?

Movesense includes a set of developer tools, APIs, Movesense sensor and professional support that allows creating dedicated applications and services any favorite sports and other needs of sensing motion and physiology. In sports, Movesense offers new ways to track speed and strength training, measure technique and skills, analyze tactics, collect statistics and more. So far, many of these insights have been available for pro athletes only – if at all. Now they become accessible to athletes on all levels.

Movesense opens also endless opportunities to build new solutions for monitoring health and wellbeing in daily use and even in medical environment. And it’s not limited to measuring human beings: Movesense can also be used for tracking animals, equipment, and machinery - virtually anything that moves.

The small but robust Movesense sensor can also run custom applications. Application in the sensor can be changed via over-the-air update; one device works for any number of different activities.

Do you have a brilliant measurement concept but lacking a suitable piece of hardware? Get a developer kit and make it happen! If you are not a software expert, find a partner and do it together. With Movesense, taking your idea to practice is fast and simple. Bringing new commercial sensor products to market is much cheaper than if you would develop everything yourself.

So what's next?

More detailed information on the Movesense platform, its capabilities and usage can be found in this documentation. The available topics are (quick links also at the top navigator of the page):

Not in the mood for reading, but would like to start mangling with the sensors? Just visit the store and purchase a Movesense sensor to get going!