Building Blocks

Build your own sensor app that is optimized for your use case.
Process and store data locally on the sensor or stream raw data to a phone. Movesense platform offers an open REST type API and a symmetric client-server architecture that make it highly versatile and practical for new custom sensor solutions.

Movesense System


Makes any piece of apparel and gear ready for digital features. The smart version has an individual ID that gives the sensor context awareness.


Tiny, durable, water resistant motion sensor that can track anything that moves. Runs your own apps, comes with your own logo.


Software libraries for iOS and Android to develop mobile apps that use the sensor data and update the sensor firmware and sensor apps over the air.


Movesense is an open environment that is not locked to any specific back-end. Use your own system or select a cloud service that you prefer.

Movesense Sensor

Movesense sensor is the most versatile sports sensor in the world: You can develop your own app in the sensor to make it work exactly as you need. Its capable sensing, robust construction, and tiny size make it perfect for measuring movement and physiology in sports, daily life, and much more.

Exceptional for a small battery powered device, the sensor runs Movesense Device API, a REST-type service framework for building applications in the sensor and to provide data to phone apps.

Technical highlights:
— 9-axis motion sensor
— Built-in memory for data logging
— Bluetooth® Smart
— Replaceable battery
— Less than 10 g (0.33 oz.) with the battery
— Water and shock resistant

Common, low-cost developer tools:
— C++ GCC open source toolchain
— Programming and debugging jig available
— 3rd party programming and debugging dongle
— Wireless firmware update with smartphone

Movesense Accessories

Movesense accessories are optimized for wearing the sensor in the right location and for attaching the sensor to an object that is being measured. A range of accessories cover various use cases for tracking human body, animals, machinery and equipment.

All accessories come in two versions: as a plain mechanical holder with low-profile Movesense snaps and as a smart mount with a unique ID that the sensor can read over 1-wire connection when plugged in.

For heart rate, ECG and motion:
— Heart rate chest strap
— ECG patch electrode
— Integration element for shirts & tops

For movement measurement:
— Wristband
— Clothing clip
— Surface mount

Movesense Connector

Patented low profile snap connection to attach the sensor to apparel and equipment.

There are two models of the connector. The basic model provides the snap connection. The smart model adds a digital ID that the sensor can read to perform a context-specific application.

The smart connector has an embedded chip with an individual ID that can be used for performing context-specific applications.

The patented design is comfortable and unobtrusive, enabling flush integration into gear and apparel.

The connector can be integrated into apparel with standard textile manufacturing tools and methods.

A soft module with electrodes for integrating heart rate sensing into apparel is also available.

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