Technical Consultation Session with Movesense Experts

300,00  VAT 0%

Do you want to get your development project started quickly or discuss technical solutions with Movesense team?

This online consultation meeting with leading Movesense experts is the answer to your need.



Up to 2 hours online meeting via Microsoft Teams. Movesense team members with the most relevant expertise for the meeting topic(s) will join the discussion and help to find the best solutions for you or give the training that you need to move on in your project.

The topic of the meeting can be related to software development, physical integration of sensors into apparel or equipment, setting up a development environment, optimizing your planned product concept, using Movesense data in other systems, or any other question about using Movesense sensors or developing solutions with them.

To define the agenda and to get prepared for the meeting, we will approach you by email after the purchase if the topics have not been agreed in communication between you and us already before your order.