December 17th, 2018

Build Awareness for your Movesense Based Product in Sports Tracker

Sports Tracker is a free to use sports tracking application with millions of users annually in over 200 countries around the world. With 4.5 stars in app stores, it’s one of the highest rated apps in its category. Sports Tracker is owned by Amer Sports and works in close co-operation with Suunto.

Sports Tracker offers three valuable opportunities for Movesense partner companies to build their product and business:

  1. Build awareness of your product or service or drive traffic to your website/app store by advertising in Sports Tracker. There are multiple targeting options available including phone platform, country, language, activity type etc. Two easy ad formats available.
  2. Validate different product or service offerings or hypothesis with quick surveys in Sports Tracker. You will receive hundreds of answers from sports enthusiastic app users in couple of days. Targeting options and example surveys available.
  3. Deeper co-operation by integrating your services to Sports Tracker e.g. by using API’s.

We are offering advertising and surveys in Sports Tracker to selected Movesense partners for free. The third option requires some planning case by case. If you are interested please contact Juha Antila from Sports Tracker,, to arrange a meeting.

In the Movesense team, your concact person is Terho Lahtinen, You can also reach the team via

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