December 18th, 2018

Five New Consumer Wearable Products Powered by Movesense to be Showcased at CES 2019

New devices leverage sensors and motion-sensing technology that allowed teams to rapidly create and launch new products for athletes, executives, and the elderly

VANTAA, Finland – December 18, 2018 – Five companies launching new wearable devices that provide more targeted, accurate, and consistent data for consumers tracking health, athletic performance, stress, and more will exhibit in one place at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019, held from January 8-11, 2019.  The products rely on Movesense’s motion sensing technology and sensor platform to improve athletic training, avoid costly medical interventions in elderly patients, and manage stress for people in demanding occupations. These new devices will be on display at the Movesense-Suunto booth, #44537.

“We were one of nine companies selected to take part in 1st and Future, a sports tech pitch contest sponsored by the NFL,” said David Troup, founder of Konect Sports. “We went from that pitch to a product in 10 months. While developing our first product, Konect Speed Training, we conceived of a second product, the Konect Speed Pro, which we developed in seven weeks. We could not have done this without Movesense.”

Suunto started developing Movesense for its own line of smartwatches in 2015, but soon realized that it could accelerate the growth of the wearables market by making a programmable sensor available. Because its open development environment is easy to use, early adopters of Movesense have been able to focus on smaller sports in which there are few products and other so-called edge cases.

“With Movesense, we get the benefit of tried and tested hardware that features open source software and is cost-effective,” said Konrad Antoniuk, founder of Morph Wear. “That has reduced the number of technical challenges we face in developing a product, and has allowed us to focus on designing our applications and making the user experience better.”

“This past year has shown that developers can achieve amazing things when we give them the tools they need.”

The companies that will display their products alongside Movesense in booth #44537 in the Sands Expo Convention Center at CES include:

  • Konect Sports, a U.S.-based reaction, speed and agility training system that allows coaches and athletes to track and analyze data at an extremely granular level. The company has commercialized two products that rely on the Movesense platform in just under a year: Konect Speed Pro and the new Konect Speed Training. Both products are multi-sensor applications that harness data to improve reaction time, agility, and speed in athletes at all levels.
  • Morph Wear, a swimming analytics solution driven by a two-person team that discovered Movesense at CES 2018. Morph Wear improves swimming workouts and training efficiency by letting swimmers know when they are under or over performing based on metrics that measure intensity. Early versions of the Morph Wear device have been used by Olympic athletes to inform the Morph Wear system and identify several data-driven elite performance characteristics.
  • W2ND, pronounced Second Wind, uses Movesense’s built-in non-medical ECG capabilities to calculate a real-time lactate threshold measurement. The sensor relies on research that shows how heart rate variability correlates to lactate thresholds. W2ND’s intuitive analytics platform can be used by elite athletes, weekend warriors, and anyone seeking to lose weight to improve endurance and overall fitness. The company advanced its timeline for release, discovering Movesense this year after trying to develop its own sensor technology.
  •, a Belgian digital health tech company, uses foot-worn Movesense sensors and a wrist band to study subtle changes in people’s data and detect signs of health and mobility issues in the elderly. Because small issues can be signs of underlying problems that may require expensive interventions if left untreated, health & gait analysis technology can justify early treatment that is far less costly and invasive.
  • Overskudd, a Norwegian technology firm developing solutions to enhance human performance. Products include the Overskudd sensor (Movesense with Overskudd HRV library and firmware), Chester and Chester Jr. (Connectors for using Movesense with Electrodes) and the Overskudd Analysis Server (a cloud platform for performance analysis, enhancement and prediction). Clients include individuals, corporations, athletes, Special Forces, athletes and research institutions worldwide.

Together, the companies will demonstrate how Movesense’s ready-to-use sensors and open development platform, released just 18 months ago, can be used to quickly develop wearable technology products that address novel challenges and applications.

“This past year has shown that developers can achieve amazing things when we give them the tools they need,” said Terho Lahtinen, Senior Manager, Future Concepts at Movesense. “With Movesense, entrepreneurs get the tools they need to solve the problems they are passionate about – be it in sports, medicine, wellness, occupational safety, and more – at a fraction of the cost and time.”

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