Movesense Flash Developer Kit

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The Movesense Flash Developer Kit kicks off your evaluation and development with Movesense technology!

Movesense Flash is an ultra-light and durable wearable ECG recorder for standalone data collection. It can also collect heart rate, heart rate variability, and movement data unobtrusively without a continuous wireless connection.

Movesense Flash is ideal for organizations looking to integrate an off-the-shelf wearable sensor into their existing solutions, be it for wellness, military, or some other application area. It is also a great tool for those who want to develop their own commercial devices or applications using proven hardware.

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  • Intended for non-medical long-term standalone data collection
  • Stores data for post-analysis in its 128 Mb integrated memory
  • Ultra-light and durable wearable ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability, and movement data recorder
  • Customization and branding opportunities
  • Developed, designed and manufactured in Finland

This programmable sensor runs an open API, facilitating the development of use-case-specific on-device apps for customers’ solutions. The package includes free access to Movesense developer tools, sample code, and documentation.

Kit contents

  • Movesense Flash sensor
  •  Accessories
    • 1 pcs Heart Rate Monitor Belt with Movesense connector (black, size M)
    • 1 kit of ECG Glue-on Patch Electrode (2 x ECG patch)
    • 1 pcs Movesense Wrist Mount
    • 1 pcs Movesense Clothing Clip
    • 1 pcs Movesense Surface Mount

Technical highlights

  • 128 MB internal flash memory for stand-alone data logging
  • Single channel ECG
  • Heart rate, R-R intervals, BLE HR service
  • 9-axis motion sensor: accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer
  • Bluetooth Low Energy radio
  • Wireless firmware update with BLE

Innovation opportunities

  • Integrate easily with an existing application
  • Build new mobile and desktop applications compatible with the sensor using open Movesense APIs and free sample code
  • Customize the sensor firmware for your use case
  • Utilize the sensor’s data logging capability for stand-alone operation


  • Diameter: 36.6 mm (1.44 in), thickness: 10.6 mm (0.42 in)
  • Weight 9.4 g / 0.33 oz with battery
  • Water resistant to 30 m/100 ft


  • Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 comprising 32 –bit ARM® Cortex®-M4 with 64 kB on-chip RAM and 512 kB on-chip FLASH
  • Integrated Bluetooth Low Energy radio, 2,4 GHz


  • 128 MB (maximum useable capacity ~100-125 MB, depends on recording data rate)


  • Accelerometer, range :±2/±4/±8/±16 g full scale, sampling frequency: 12.5/26/52/104/208/416 Hz
  • Gyroscope, range: ±125/±245/±500/±1000/±2000 dps full scale, sampling frequency: 12.5/26/52/104/208/416 Hz
  • Magnetometer, range: ±49 gauss full scale
  • Heart rate, beats/minute, RR intervals (1ms resolution)
  • 1-Channel ECG, bandwidth 0.5-40 Hz, sampling frequency 125/128/200/250/256/500/512 Hz


  • Led (red) on the front
  • Debug UART, debug I/F, power & ground (inside the battery slot)


  • CR 2025 coin cell battery (user replaceable)


  • Easy to use C++ Movesense Device API
  • iOS and Android libraries with wireless firmware update capability
  • GNU tool chain for embedded ARM


  • CE, others coming
  • Conforms REACH, RoHS
  • Bluetooth 5.1


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At this point the Movesense Developer kit is available for business customers only.

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