Movesense Sensor HR+

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Movesense sensor for heart rate monitoring and movement measurement in activities of all intensity levels. Made for developing new wearable sensor products, Movesense HR+ has an open API and can be programmed to run unique on-device apps. Compared to Movesense HR, Movesense HR+ also has a temperature sensor and compatibility with the Movesense Smart Connector which enables context identification through the connector.

Versatile, light weight and small but extremely durable, the sensor can be used for all kinds of fitness and wellness use cases and to track almost anything that moves.

Movesense HR+ also provides a standard Bluetooth Heart Rate Service (HR and R-R intervals). When bundled with the Movesense chest strap (not included), it functions as an ultralight BLE heart rate monitor, connectable to your sports watch or mobile phone out of the box.

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Movesense sensor module for developing, debugging and running your own Movesense applications. The unit price includes free use of Movesense developer tools and sample code.

Versatile, light and small but extremely durable sensor capable of measuring any movement – of the human body, of sports equipment or, of anything else that moves. Runs an open API for developing unique in-device apps for all kinds of motion sensing use cases.

How does Movesense HR+ differ from Movesense HR?

  • Temperature sensor included
  • 1-wire extension bus interface through Movesense connector available

General features

  • Swim and shock proof construction, suitable for any sports – and for a whole bunch of innovative use cases beyond just sports!
  • Developed, designed and manufactured in Finland
  • Low profile snap connection for smooth and subtle attachment to apparel and gear
  • User replaceable battery (CR2025 coin cell)
  • State of the art ultra low power circuitry
  • One of the lightest and smallest sports sensors on the market, 9.4g / 0.33oz. with battery
  • Customer branding available

Technical highlights

  • 9-axis motion sensor: 3 x accelerometer, 3 x gyroscope, 3 x magnetometer
  • Heart rate (BPM, R-R intervals), non-medical ECG
  • 1-wire extension bus interface through Movesense connector
  • In-built memory for logging data
  • Bluetooth® Smart compatible
  • Software tools for developing applications that run on the sensor
  • Wireless firmware update with BLE

Innovation opportunities

  • Create your own REST services to the sensor with Movesense API
  • Develop applications in the sensor to process measured data before sending or storing it.
  • Utilize the sensor’s data logging capability for standalone operation
  • Use the Movesense connector with 1-wire ID to launch apps that are linked to where the sensor is attached.



  • Diameter: 36,6mm (1.44 in), thickness: 10,6mm (0.42 in)
  • Weight 10g / 0.35oz with battery
  • Water resistant to 30m/100ft


  • Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 comprising 32 –bit ARM® Cortex®-M4 with 64kB on-chip RAM and 512kB on-chip FLASH
  • Integrated Bluetooth Low Energy radio, 2,4GHz


  • External memory: 3Mbit EEPROM


  • Accelerometer, range :±2/±4/±8/±16g full scale, sampling frequency: 12.5/26/52/104/208/416/833Hz
  • Gyroscope, range: ±125/±245/±500/±1000/±2000 dps full scale, sampling frequency: 12.5/26/52/104/208/416/833Hz
  • Magnetometer, range: ±4/±8/±12/±16 gauss full scale
  • Temperature, accuracy:±0.5°C (max) from 0°C to +65°C and ±1.0°C (max) from –40°C to +125°C
  • Heart rate and single channel ecg


  • Led (red) on the front
  • 1 –wire interface master (accessible through Movesense connector)
  • Debug UART, debug I/F, power & ground (inside the battery slot)

Energy source

  • CR 2025 3V lithium coin cell battery


  • Easy to use C++ Movesense Device API
  • iOS and Android libraries with wireless firmware update capability
  • Open source iOS showcase application
  • GNU tool chain for embedded ARM

Approvals and compliances

  • CE, FCC, IC, C-Tick, CMIIT
  • Conforms REACH, RoHS
  • Bluetooth 4.2 / 5.0


  • US 13/071,624, US 13/832,049, US 13/832,598, US 13/917,668, US 13/397,872, USD 667,127, US 8,386,009, US 8,750,959, US 8,814,574, US 8,886,281, others pending

At this point the Movesense sensors are available for business customers only.

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