December 4th, 2018

Five Companies to Launch Their Movesense Products at CES 2019 with Suunto

The amount of companies using Movesense to build their sensor products is rapidly growing and many companies that started their development during 2018 are soon launching their products to market.

In August, we invited companies in the Movesense community to join us at CES 2019 to showcase their new Movesense based products at the Suunto booth. Originally, we intended to offer this opportunity to four companies but the level of interest and the quality of concepts were so high that we decided to fit in five great examples. Here they are:

Alma Care, Belgium analyses 24/7 real world data for its health & fall risk managing solutions to empower healthy and elderly people to live happier, healthier, and safer lives. Alert today, alive tomorrow.
See showcase for more information.

Konect Sports, USA

Konect Sports launches Konect Speed Pro, a revolutionary athlete performance measurement platform that quantifies an athlete’s reaction and drill time for trainers to isolate opportunities in form and technique.
See showcase for more information.

MorphWear, USA

MorphWear helps elite swimming coaches to personalize training of high performing athletes and to balance athletes’ training load and recovery. It also provides mental awareness to athletes on their consistency and progress with their training.
See showcase for more information.

Overskudd, Norway

Overskudd measures and analyzes pulse, heart rate-variability (HRV) and motion to detect stress and recovery. The solution gives users actionable data that helps them to manage stress and recovery at work and in sports.


W2ND is a heart rate monitor that utilizes a non-medical ECG screen and advanced digital signal processing to provide a non-invasive method to calculate lactate threshold during workout and to deliver the most accurate heart rate, HRV, and cadence.
See showcase for more information.

We will feature all five companies and their products in more detail on the website during December and early January. As part of the CES project, we are running joint PR and other marketing activities to build value for the whole Movesense community.

Welcome Alma Care, Konect Sports ,MorphWear, Overskudd and W2ND!

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